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Printing, Scanning, & Copying


Printers and the Print Release Station are located in room 117 on the 1st floor of the Library & Learning Commons. Print jobs can be sent from any LLC computer or from your personal laptop. To print, enter your A# in the box that appears in the print screen. Then go to the Print Release Station and swipe your Student ID. Your card will be charged for the appropriate amount and your print job will be released to the printer you selected.

Yes! You can print from your personal laptop!

Printing Costs
  • Black and White
    $.07 per page
    $.10 double-sided
  • Color
    $.20 per page
    $.34 double-sided

If you need to add funds to your account follow the instructions on the back of your ID card.

What if I don't have my USU ID card? Members of the public and students who don't have their USU ID can still print by going to the Front Desk and paying with CASH ONLY.


A flatbed scanner is located is on LLC computer #1. The KIC Scanner is located in room 117.

Copy Machines

Copiers are available in room 117 and in Special Collections room 108. Pay for copies at the Front Desk. $.07 per one sided page or $.10 per page for double sided.


Library Staff
(435) 613-5209